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"We are pleased to announce the general availability of CentOS Linux 7 (1810) for the x86_64 architecture. Effective immediately, this is the current release for CentOS Linux 7 and is tagged as 1810, derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 source code. Updates released since the upstream release are all posted, across all architectures. We strongly recommend every user apply all updates, including the content released today, on your existing CentOS Linux 7 machine by just running 'yum update'. As with all CentOS Linux 7 components, this release was built from sources hosted at git.centos.org. In addition, SRPMs that are a byproduct of the build (and also considered critical in the code and buildsys process) are being published to match every binary RPM we release."

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 27.97kb (0.03M)
Хэш (md5): 8191a14e7157532345e8a0bc44af535e
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Загрузок: 3
 2018-12-07 2
 2018-12-06 1
 2018-12 3
Теги: 2018, centos, centos-7, centos-7-1810, centos-7-x86.64-livegnome, centos-7-x86.64-livegnome-1810, torrent

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Май 2006 года.Этим все сказано.:) открытие_2006
весь во внимании, ша клюнет. Рідненька )))
photo Холодно...

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