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ClearOS, a CentOS-based distributions designed for servers, has been updated to version 7.6.0: "ClearFoundation and ClearCenter are proud to announce the general release of ClearOS 7.6.0. This is a minor release of ClearOS; it focuses on important security updates as well as new applications in the ClearCenter Marketplace. New Features included in the 7.6.0 release and since 7.5.0: NextCloud for business; annotation libraries and support for some Cyrus annotations; iLO management (iLO 5); AMIBIOS management (specifically for the HPE MicroServer Gen10). New upstream features and improvements include: additional container support with new tools such as Podman (a container management tool) that complements the previously released tools such as Buildah and Skopeo; policy-based decryption (PBD); GnuTLS support hardware security module (HSM); OpenSSL now works with CPACF; nftables enhancements and the nft command for greater packet filtering insight; OpenSC support for new smart cards; greater support for kdump, network and timesync; integration of Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF)...."

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Tunnelbroker IPV6


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netassist Tunnelbroker IPV6


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