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Trisquel GNU/Linux 9.0 Trisquel GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system from the Ubuntu family. The project has, after a long development cycle, released version 9.0 with long-term support (LTS). "They say that good things come to those who wait, and for this release there has been a lot of waiting but also plenty of good things. Trisquel 9.0, codename "Etiona" is our most polished release yet, thanks to the contribution of a very committed team of volunteers. This release comes in several flavors: MATE desktop, the default. Based on the popular fork of GNOME 2.x, this edition provides a classic desktop environment matching the user experience of previous Trisquel releases. Trisquel Mini, a lightweight version for older machines and netbooks. Based on the LXDE desktop environment and a selection of resource-saving applications to bring new life to your hardware. Triskel, running the KDE environment. Excellent for customizing the design and look in fine detail. Trisquel netinstall image. To deploy with a command-line install interface, ideal for servers and advanced users. Trisquel TOAST, based on the Sugar learning platform. Comes with dozens of educational activities for children."

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Свадьба. 27 апреля 2006 Я ЛЕЧУУУУуууууу...
я дома...после налета друзей...кошмар))) умный ребенок :)

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