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Тег: fedora-workstation-live-x86.64-31




Fedora 31. The new version includes a special isolated container feature called Fedora Toolbox. "If you haven't used the Fedora Toolbox, this is a great time to try it out. This is a simple tool for launching and managing personal workspace containers, so you can do development or experiment in an isolated experience. It's as simple as running 'toolbox Enter' from the command line. This containerized workflow is vital for users of the ostree-based Fedora variants like CoreOS, IoT, and Silverblue, but is also extremely useful on any workstation or even server system. Look for many more enhancements to this tool and the user experience around it in the next few months - your feedback is very welcome. Fedora Editions are targeted outputs geared toward specific 'showcase' uses. Fedora Workstation focuses on the desktop, and particular software developers who want a 'just works' Linux operating system experience. This release features GNOME 3.34, which brings significant performance enhancements which will be especially noticeable on lower-powered hardware."



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