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Тег: guix-system-install-1.1.0.x86.64-lin




Guix System is a Linux-based, stateless operating system that is built around the GNU Guix package manager. The operating system provides advanced package management features such as transactional upgrades and roll-backs, reproducible build environments, unprivileged package management, and per-user profiles. The project's latest release is Guix System 1.1.0 which introduces a number of new features and improvements, including the ability to do large scale deployments using the package manager. "The new guix deploy tool allows you to deploy several machines at once, be it remote machines over SSH or machines at a virtual private server (VPS). Channel authors can now write news entries for their users, which are readily readable using guix pull --news. As a result, if you were already using Guix, you've probably already read these news! The new guix system describe command tells you which commits of which channels were used to deploy your system, and also contains a link to your operating system configuration file. Precise provenance tracking that gives users and admins the ability to know exactly what changed between two different system instances! This feature builds upon the new provenance service."
Download: https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/guix/guix-system-install-1.1.0.x86_6 4-linux.iso.xz



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