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Тег: ipfire.2.27.core.164




IPFire 2.27 Core 164

The IPFire distribution is a minimal operating system intended for use on firewalls and routers. The project's latest release includes a new kernel (with Dirty Pipe fixes) along with a number of improvements to the firewall management software. "This update brings a couple of improvements for IPFire's firewall engine. Dropping any hostile traffic: Our IPFire Location Database contains a list of networks that are considered 'hostile' - a network nobody under any circumstance wants to communicate with at all like bullet-proof internet service providers or stolen/hijacked address space. This is enabled by default on new installations, but left disabled in this update. We strongly recommend for everyone to enable this on the Firewall Options page. Read more in a special post. A better source routing validation is being performed: The firewall will now reject any packets from systems that it cannot reach according to its own routing table. Packets that are not recognised by the connection tracking (because they might belong to an invalid connection) are now being logged to help with any debugging."



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санотстрел 2006 ЕКСТРИМ
личное умный ребенок :)
а я только с мороза.... Я с братом

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