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Тег: pensuse.15.4




The openSUSE project has published a release candidate for openSUSE 15.4. The new development snapshot offers users a chance to test openSUSE and introduces a new platform for containers and minimal environments: "The openSUSE project has entered the release candidate phase for the next minor release version of the openSUSE Leap distribution. The upcoming release of Leap 15.4 transitioned from its beta phase to'release candidate phase after Build 230.2 passed openQA quality assurance testing. 'Test results look pretty solid as you’d expect from RC,' wrote release manager Lubos Kocman in an email on the openSUSE Factory mailing list yesterday. 'My original ETA was Wednesday, but we managed to get (the) build finished and tested sooner.' The new phase also changes the new offering of Leap Micro, which is a modern lightweight operating system ideal for host-container and virtualized workloads, into its release candidate phase. The RC signals the package freeze for software that will make it into the distribution, which is used on servers, workstations, desktops and for virtualization and container use."



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