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We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our distro based on the solid 16.10 Ubuntu release. This is our first release that follows Ubuntu release cycle - we have worked on getting closely aligned our alpha and two betas in the same manner as Ubuntu and the other official community flavours. Based on 16.04.1 experiences, feedback and suggestions we have received from our users, the new release comes with a lot of new features, fixes and optimizations: installation in any language - we ship with more language packs now which should mean a faster install time; support for full disk encryption as well as home folder encryption; latest Budgie desktop 10.2.7 with various enhancements and fixes thanks to our friends from Solus.

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 2016-11 1
Теги: 2016, budgie, budgie-remix-16.10, budgie-remix-16.10-amd64, iso, linux, torrent, ubuntu, ubuntu-based, линукс

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