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This release comes with the brand-new GParted 0.31.0 utility which is developed by the same team: "The GParted team is pleased to announce a new stable release of GParted Live. This release includes GParted 0.31.0, patches for libparted for FAT file system operations, and other improvements. Items of note include: add support for changing UDF label/uuid and show UDF disk usage; rollback specific failed partition change steps; based on the Debian Sid repository as of 2018-03-20; Linux kernel updated to 4.15.4; libparted fixes check FAT32 crashes and resized FAT32 not recognized by Windows. This release of GParted Live has been successfully tested on VirtualBox, VMware, BIOS, UEFI and physical computers with AMD/ATI, NVIDIA and Intel graphics. Note that the X desktop did not display on old Acer Aspire laptops; the workaround is to select 'Other' modes of GParted Live and choose GParted Live."

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 325632.00kb (318.00M)
Хэш (md5): 0b277dc939440198d6ff1845ded786aa
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Загрузок: 2
 2018-06-08 1
 2018-04-03 1
 2018-06 1
 2018-04 1
Теги: 2018, gparted, gparted-live-0.31, gparted-live-0.31.0-1-amd64, iso

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