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The latest version of the distribution, heads 0.4, is based on Devuan's Testing branch and makes an effort to reduce both the size of the live ISO and memory requirements. "heads has been rebased on Devuan Beowulf (Testing), which brings us current-day software and no planned obsolecence. Our new init system is SysV init combined with OpenRC. This is a modern approach to init and it's working quite stable. heads does not depend on Debian's live-boot/live-config anymore. Instead, we have a minimal way of bringup that is a lot more auditable than the thousands of lines of spaghetti shell scripts Debian is able to produce. This release also removes some big software like Evince, in order to replace it with more minimal replacements - in this case Zathura. More can be seen in the git commits of heads' build system."

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Теги: 2018, debian, heads, heads-0.4, heads-0.4-amd64-live, iso, open.rc, torrent

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