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"Parrot 4.3 is now available for download. This release provides security and stability updates and is the starting point for our plan to develop an LTS edition of Parrot. Changes: Linux kernel has been updated to the 4.18.10 version; Firefox 63 provides noticeable security and privacy features, but it is no longer available for 32-bit systems, so we switched to Firefox ESR on all the unsupported architectures. WINE menu - we have fixed a bug in the Parrot menu configuration that prevented several menu categories to show up; the Parrot .bashrc file has been updated, now it provides better snap support, the ll alias now shows the size in a human readable format and it does no longer overwrite some global settings as it used to do before; OpenJDK 11 is now the default Java provider; Anonsurf has received important stability upgrades and now it does not mess up the DNS configuration; new Parrot icons...."

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 2019-09 1
Теги: 2018, iso, linux, parrot, parrot-home-4.3.amd64, parrot.4.3, torrent

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