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EndeavourOS is a rolling release Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. The project's latest release, version 2019.12.22, introduces the ability to perform installations in both on-line and off-line modes. "We are using the Calamares installer and when you are starting your install by clicking on the Start the Installer button of the Welcome app, it asks you which install you prefer: off-line or on-line. No matter which desktop environment you choose, EndeavourOS ships with some pre-installed packages and apps you already know from our current installer and some of those are: GRUB, the mainstream Linux kernel, Nano, broadcom-dkms, intel-ucode/amd-ucode, NVIDIA-installer, arc-x-icons-theme, eos-welcome, eos-update-notifier, reflector-auto, Yay and Firefox. Except for our in-house developed reflector-auto, eos-welcome and the eos-update-notifier, the rest of the packages are coming directly from the Arch repos or the AUR, so they are not customized or modified package versions in our own repo, we are still close to Arch."

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На вольной охоте :) просто я =)
личка Моё искусство.(Моих рук дело)
санотстрел 2006 я

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