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Endless OS 3.8.0 Andre Magalhaes has announced the release of Endless OS 3.8.0, a major new update of the project's Debian-based, family-oriented distribution that integrates more than 100 apps for working, studying or playing games. This release updates the GNOME desktop to version 3.36: "Endless OS 3.8.0. In this release the desktop and most of its components were updated to the versions from GNOME 3.36, bringing new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. On new installations, parental controls can now be enabled when you first start the computer, at the same time as creating the main user account. Once configured, there is now a dedicated Parental Controls application to make it easier to find and adjust the parental controls settings. We are now producing ready-to-go images that can be imported directly into any virtual machine software that supports OVF files (for example, VirtualBox or VMWare Player) and 64-bit virtual machines."

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