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EasyOS 2.3
The new release continues to draw packages from the Debian 10 "Buster" repositories, although it uses a newer kernel (version 5.4.40): "Version 2.3 is built with 10.4 DEBs, and there are significant infrastructure and utility/application improvements: built with Debian 'Buster' 10.4 DEB packages; Linux kernel version 5.4.40; Gpptp VPN network connection tool fixed; improvements and fixes for EasyDD; major overhaul of Ethernet connection logic; SeaMonkey version 2.53.2, with ChatZilla, profile workaround; ffplay-gtk media player improved; mtPaint version 3.49.27 and bug fixes; MoManager updated, translation separation from EasyPup; Rxvt-unicode instability fixed; extra b43 firmware. EasyOS uses NetworkManager by default and one user of 2.2.16 reported Ethernet not being detected and no IP lease obtained at first boot-up. This has resulted in considerable redesign of Ethernet detection, with, hopefully, fallbacks to catch situations where NetworkManager seems to be failing."

Раздел: Софт
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Хэш (md5): 071922a54421e3d399661d445fe41a74
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Теги: 2020, debian.10, easyos, easyos.2.3, linux

Tunnelbroker IPV6


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netassist Tunnelbroker IPV6


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