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Ubuntu Studio 20.10 The Ubuntu Studio team have announced the release of Ubuntu Studio 20.10, an interim release which received nine months of support. This version makes a shift in desktop environments, migrating from Xfce to using KDE Plasma as the default user interface. "The biggest new feature is the switch of desktop environment to KDE Plasma. We believe this will provide a more cohesive and integrated experience for many of the applications that we include by default. We have previously outlined our reasoning for this switch as part of our 20.04 LTS release announcement. This release includes Plasma 5.19.5. If you would like a newer version, the Kubuntu Backports PPA may include a newer version of Plasma when ready. We are excited to be a part of the KDE community with this change, and have embraced the warm welcome we have received. You will notice that our theming and layout of Plasma looks very much like our Xfce theming. (Spoiler: it’s the same theme and layout!)"

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