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Solus is a Linux distribution built from scratch. It uses a forked version of the PiSi package manager, maintained as "eopkg" within Solus, and a custom desktop environment called "Budgie", developed in-house. The project's latest version is 4.2 which includes package updates across key components. The Budgie desktop has gain improvements and features a new system tray and better support for desktop icons. "We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.2, a new Solus 4 Fortitude series release. This release delivers new desktop environment updates, software stacks, and hardware enablement. All of our editions feature: Firefox 85.0, LibreOffice, Thunderbird 78.6.1. For audio and video multimedia playback, we offer software out-of-the-box that caters specifically to our desired experience for each edition. Budgie, GNOME, and MATE editions all ship with Rhythmbox for audio playback, with the latest release of the Alternate Toolbar extension to provide a more modern user experience. Budgie and GNOME ship with GNOME MPV for video playback. MATE ships with VLC for video playback. Plasma ships with Elisa for audio playback and SMPlayer for video playback."

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август2006 - доця я и мама моей девушки
Пальма Я И АКБАР День Киева.
Просто хорошее дерево попалось Сыыыррр...

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