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Файл: nethserver-7.3.1611-x86_64.iso.torrent

We're happy to announce that NethServer 6.9 has been released and is publicly available. We're confident that, as always, it will achieve our mission: making sysadmin's life easier with open source. This is thanks to the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the open source space (and not just open source). Based on the recently released CentOS 6.9 operating system. The traffic shaping web UI doesn't list VLAN reds interfaces, but it's possible to assign the RED role to a VLAN. Now it's possible to add traffic shaping to red VLANs. Also, creating a port forward, VLAN reds now are listed in the WAN IP (red interface) section.

Размер: 29.42kb (0.03M)

Файл: rosa.fresh.kde.r9.x86_64.iso.torrent

ROSA R9 is the first release based on the new package platform 2016.1. The distribution is targeted mainly at Linux advocates eager to try new software. According to the updates policy, the R9 version of the ROSA distribution will have 4 years of technical support. Technical changes compared to ROSA R8: most of the system libraries, compilers and system/user software were updated to their new and latest versions (glibc, boost, GCC, Clang); a new additions to the repositories were made, e.g. LDC (the D language compiler), Meson (a powerful open-source build system); added a glibc patch, drastically boosting the load speed of the dynamic shared objects (DSO)....

Размер: 20.45kb (0.02M)

Файл: kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.torrent

Finally, it's here! We're happy to announce the availability of the Kali Linux 2017.1 rolling release, which brings with it a bunch of exciting updates and features. As with all new releases, you have the common denominator of updated packages, an updated kernel that provides more and better hardware support, as well as a slew of updated tools - but this release has a few more surprises up its sleeve. A while back, we received a feature request asking for the inclusion of drivers for RTL8812AU wireless chipsets. These drivers are not part of the standard Linux kernel, and have been modified to allow for injection. Why is this a big deal? This chipset supports 802.11 AC, making this one of the first drivers to bring injection-related wireless attacks to this standard.

Размер: 208.65kb (0.20M)

Файл: ipfire-2.19.x86_64-full-core110.iso.torrent

This is the official release announcement for IPFire 2.19 - Core Update 110. This updates comes with some exciting new features as well as updates of many system packages and many bug and security fixes. IPFire used to keep IPsec VPNs up all the time. This wastes resources if a connection is not used very often for example for a daily backup only. Core Update 110 allows to configure IPsec VPNs in an On-Demand mode which will establish the connection as soon as it is needed and will close it after 15 minutes of inactivity to save resources. This is especially handy for people who have a large number of IPsec net-to-net connections on either weak hardware or connections that are not required all the time like maintenance or backup connections, etc.

Размер: 13.10kb (0.01M)

Файл: tails3.0beta4.torrent

Tails — live-дистрибутив Linux, основанный на Debian, и созданный для конфиденциального и анонимного использования сети (шифрование, анонимизация и безопасность перехвата/прослушки трафика). Содержит набор программ и утилит, которые позволяют полностью анонимно выходить в интернет и пользоваться другими сервисами и службами (почта, im-сообщения и прочее). Для достижения приватности дистрибутив использует Tor-сеть.Tails - live-the Linux distribution, based on the Debian, and created for the confidential and anonymous use of the network (encryption, anonymization and security interception / eavesdropping traffic). It contains a set of programs and utilities that allow you to completely anonymously go online and use other services and services (mail, im-posts, etc.). To achieve privacy-distribution uses the Tor network. http://debut.ucoz.ru/load/rss/ ХЕШ-СУММЫ: BLAKE2sp: 56FB5BCEE26667075392DC6E4E24B878C97E37E9F5D3ADB0 693FF5096A9C51C0;CRC32: E00BC5E5;MD5: 6B6D5F85AA3BEE9B1FC504EC3494B519;SHA-1: 2F50B001FF0CF6C16E64FE03F76BF2A2776EFF5F;SHA-256 : BF78874D58D85A80706D941B2D5BF3D721EC87FD0DB7E62F CCCC528EB5FD1777;SHA-256 Base64: v3iHTVjYWoBwbZQbLVvz1yHsh/0Nt+YvzMxSjrX9F3c=;SHA -512: DB7A52D5F44C1745962648193411198E21EEF355E95EEC6E ABC2FA5A844801E7589537E78377825DBE25D370199A5C5F 406D929FF7A9634FDC8EAA8AD049ACEF;SHA3-512: F098DCD3578FCF58750EA4DB27091CEBE19F78F70322BE15 7A9775E01DBCEEA0CEC18FFD918DDA815BA662E77A6E9F23 1E1AD5D7E5574CF5B3C5BAF6B0E70C67

Размер: 14.86kb (0.01M)

Файл: install61.iso

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 6.1. As in our previous releases, 6.1 provides significant improvements, including new features, in nearly all areas of the system. The installer now uses privilege separation for fetching and verifying the install sets. Install sets are now fetched over an HTTPS connection by default when using a mirror that supports it. The installer now considers all of the DHCP information in file name, boot file-name, server-name, tftp-server-name, and next-server when attempting to do automatic installs or upgrades. The installer no longer adds a route to an alias IP via, due to improvements in the kernel routing components.

Размер: 214428.00kb (209.40M)

Файл: ubuntu-gnome-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent

The Ubuntu GNOME developers are proud to announce our latest non-LTS release 17.04. For the first time in Ubuntu GNOME's history, this release includes the latest stable release of GNOME 3.24. Although Ubuntu’s release schedule was originally centered around shipping the latest GNOME release, this had not been possible since GNOME 3.0 was released six years ago. Take a look at our release notes for a list of highlighted changes and improvements." The release announcement indicates this will probably be the final version of Ubuntu GNOME: As announced last week by Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will include GNOME instead of Unity. Specifically, it will be GNOME (including GNOME Shell) with minimal Ubuntu customization. Next year, if you are using either Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS, you will be prompted to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. As a result of this decision there will no longer be a separate GNOME flavor of Ubuntu.

Размер: 56.78kb (0.06M)

Файл: ubuntu-17.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent

Under the hood, there have been updates to many core packages, including a new 4.10-based kernel, and much more. Ubuntu Desktop has seen incremental improvements, with newer versions of GTK+ and Qt, updates to major packages like Firefox and LibreOffice, and stability improvements to Unity. Ubuntu Server 17.04 includes the Ocata release of OpenStack, alongside deployment and management tools that save DevOps teams time when deploying distributed applications - whether on private clouds, public clouds, x86, ARM, or POWER servers, zSystem mainframes, or on developer laptops.

Размер: 27.09kb (0.03M)

Файл: ubuntu-mate-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent

This is our favourite release of Ubuntu MATE so far and, we believe, a real return to form. Ubuntu MATE 16.10 was a transitional release, in every sense, and 17.04 concludes the upheaval of migrating to GTK+ 3. We’ve put a great deal of effort into refining Ubuntu MATE 17.04 in the following ways: the MATE team did an amazing job releasing MATE 1.18.0 which completes the transition to GTK+ 3, fixes countless bugs and introduces some much-needed new features and modernisations; Daniel For? from elementary contributed new icons which deliver style and panache; Ikey Doherty from Solus created Brisk menu in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE; Dave from Linux & Other Stuff contributed a new dark theme called Ambiant-MATE Dark....

Размер: 63.30kb (0.06M)

Файл: kubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent

Kubuntu 17.04 released. Code-named 'Zesty Zapus', Kubuntu 17.04 continues our proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution. The team has been hard at work through this cycle, introducing new features and fixing bugs. Under the hood, there have been updates to many core packages, including a new 4.10-based Linux kernel, KDE Frameworks 5.31, Plasma 5.9.4 and KDE Applications 16.12.3. The Kubuntu desktop has seen some exciting improvements, with newer versions of Qt, updates to major packages like Krita, Kdenlive, Firefox and LibreOffice, and stability improvements to the Plasma desktop environment.

Размер: 64.79kb (0.06M)

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