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Тег: linux-lite-4.4-rc1-64bit




"Linux Lite 4.4 RC1 is now available for testing. Yes, that's right, RC1. We have moved off the beta build model to RC releases as these more accurately reflect the build quality of our pre-final images. Linux Lite 4.4 final will be released on 1st April, 2019 New Zealand time. The RC releases build number is the date of the actual ISO image build, e.g. build 24022019 - 24th February 2019. The RC information and build number will only appear on the default wallpaper for that release, Login screen and the Live Boot screen. The positioning of the text is such that it allows room for desktop widgets like Conky and Lite Widget to appear uncluttered on the right. Finals will not have any build information on the default wallpaper. Updated the Papirus icon theme to the latest release. Sound Juicer CD ripper has now been added to Lite Software. To get rip-to-mp3 support, Sound Juicer will also install the Restricted Extras package."



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