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NethServer is a CentOS-based Linux distribution for servers. The product's main feature is a modular design which makes it simple to turn the distribution into a mail server and filter, web server, groupware, firewall, web filter, IPS/IDS or VPN server. The project's latest release is NethServer 7.7 and the new version improves on the integration of Cockpit introduced in 7.6. "Already introduced in version 7.6, Cockpit is now complete and available by default on new installations. It makes the server administration easier providing a modern looking and user-friendly interface. We didn't only redesigned the web interface but also improved usability and added new features. What's new? This release marks a big step forward for communication, collaboration and security, introducing: New interface and stats for VPNs. New interface for firewall panel and dashboard. New interface for fail2ban and Web Proxy. New dashboard for fileserver, stats on shared folders and audit integration. New way to manage multiple backups and restore. New NextCloud panel. Webtop 5.7.3. Mattermost 5.15 and NextCloud 16.0.5. New panel for UPS and NUT. New system reports. New Apache integration and welcome page."



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