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The project's latest release is Tails 4.1 which switches the default key server, updates the Tor Browser application and Thunderbird mail client, and adds newer hardware support. "Use keys.openpgp.org as the default OpenPGP key server. keys.openpgp.org is more trustworthy than other OpenPGP public key servers because it only references an OpenPGP public key after sending a confirmation email to the email addresses listed in the key. keys.openpgp.org does not distribute third-party signatures, which are the signatures on a key that were made by some other key. Third-party signatures are the signatures used to create the OpenPGP Web of Trust. keys.openpgp.org prevents OpenPGP certificate flooding attacks, which can make your OpenPGP keyring unusable and crash your computer. Update Tor Browser to 9.0.2. Update Thunderbird to from 60.9.0 to 68.2.2. Replace the TorBirdy extension with custom settings and patches in Thunderbird that provide equivalent privacy. Update Enigmail to 2.1.3, which has a simplified setup wizard that automatically creates an OpenPGP key for new email accounts."



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