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A new stable release of the Neptune distribution has been made available. The new release, version 4.3, provides users with more up to date software and a number of bug fixes. "This is the third service release to Neptune 4 and comes with improvements, bugfixes and updates. This includes Chromium in version 41, VLC in version 2.2, LibreOffice 4.3.3 as well as Icedove 31.5 and many more. The foundation of this release is represented by the current Debian 7.8 ('Wheezy')." The release announcement goes on to detail a number of fixes and improvements added to this release: "This new version also offers Updates for Kdenlive which bring in better codec support aswell as a fix for the localization of video effects. Kernel 3.16.3 was updated with fixes for btrfs and nouveau. There is also better btrfs support with Grub 2.0.2 Beta 2. The problem with Persistent Creator in the live media not being able to format the persistency file on a non german localization has been solved. Smartphones and mediaplayers are now better supported with mtp library version 1.1.8. For a detailed overview take a look at our Changelog."

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 73.90kb (0.07M)
Хэш (md5): ead7d2ca275e15ef207410143081b423
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Загрузок: 1
 2015-03-21 1
 2015-03 1
Теги: neptune43, neptune43.torrent

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Аудио 79 0.73Gb
Видео 117 23.03Gb
Документы 319 9.80Gb
Другое 117 1.54Gb
Изображения 240 51.06Gb
Софт 1767 360.32Gb



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