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NixOS is an independent Linux distribution which features the Nix package manager. Nix provides many special package management features, including declarative statements, snapshots and package rollbacks. The latest version of the distribution, NixOS 16.09, offers many new security features and more efficient use of disk space. "In addition to numerous new and upgraded packages, this release has the following highlights: many NixOS configurations and Nix packages now use significantly less disk space, thanks to the extensive work on closure size reduction; to improve security, packages are now built using various hardening features, see the Nixpkgs manual for more information; support for PXE netboot, see section 2.3, Booting from the 'netboot' media (PXE), in documentation; X.Org Server 1.18, if you use the ati_unfree driver, 1.17 is still used due to an ABI incompatibility; this release is based on glibc 2.24, GCC 5.4.0 and systemd 231; the default Linux kernel remains 4.4."

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Теги: 2016, gcc.5.4.0, glibc.2.24, iso, linux, nixos, nixos-graphical-16.09, pxe.netboot, systemd.231

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