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nethserver-7.3.1611-rc3-x86 64.iso.torrent
We have changed the behaviour of the Transparent HTTPS proxy dropping the MITM (Man In The Middle) feature that inspects all the encrypted traffic, substituting it with a new implementation that sniffs only the beginning of the connection to discover the destination website (for filtering purposes). We can do this now because CentOS 7.3 introduced squid 3.5 which has a new function to intercept HTTPS connections, called peek and splice. Basically, it means that we peek at the beginning of the connection to discover the destination website (and block it if desired) and then let the traffic flow unaltered from the client PC to the secure website.

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 29.42kb (0.03M)
Хэш (md5): c5841c143851cc0172dde2dce14d8ba0
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Загрузок: 2
 2017-02-15 1
 2016-12-29 1
 2017-02 1
 2016-12 1
Теги: 2016, iso, nethserver, nethserver-7.3, nethserver-7.3.1611-rc3-x86.64, torrent

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Видео 117 23.03Gb
Документы 319 9.80Gb
Другое 117 1.54Gb
Изображения 240 51.06Gb
Софт 1746 348.84Gb



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