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The project has released a new stable version of the OPNsense operating system, version 17.1. "The OPNsense team is proud to announce the final availability of version 17.1, nicknamed Eclectic Eagle. This major release features FreeBSD 11.0, the SSH remote installer, new languages Italian / Czech / Portuguese, state-of-the-art HardenedBSD security features, PHP 7.0, new plugins for FTP Proxy / Tinc VPN / Let's Encrypt, native PAM authentication against e.g. 2FA (TOTP), as well a rewritten Nano-style card images that adapt to media size to name only a few. We would like to encourage everyone to supervise this major upgrade physically. As such, it cannot be performed from the GUI. Instead, go to the root console menu, choose option 12 and type '17.1' at the prompt. The process will download a full set of updates and reboot multiple. All operating system files and packages will be re-installed as a consequence."

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 246396.21kb (240.62M)
Хэш (md5): b39a8440377b6a2aae5832e3caea23d7
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 2021-09 1
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 2020-12 1
 2020-04 1
 2020-02 1
 2017-11 1
Теги: 2017, bsd, hardenedbsd, iso, opnsense, opnsense-17.1, opnsense-17.1-openssl-cdrom-amd64

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