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Philip M?ller has announced a new update to the rolling Manjaro Linux distribution. The new installation media, labeled Manjaro Linux 17.1.0, ships with several package upgrades. "This is our second try with Xorg-Server v1.19.6. This time we also updated our Mesa-Stack and changed the handling of DRI/DRM. Some reported Compiz not working with this. Therefore we had it updated to the latest source currently available. Friends of GIMP may try out the latest development edition of this fantastic graphical art app. Again we have the latest Firefox and WINE added. Also linux49 and linux414 got updated to their latest point-releases. This marks the last update of Manjaro in 2017. We wish you all the best for next year. Have fun and celebrate with family and friends!"

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 2018-04-29 1
 2018-04 1
Теги: 2017, iso, linux, manjaro, manjaro-gnome-17.1.0, manjaro-gnome-17.1.0-stable, manjaro-gnome-17.1.0-stable-x86.64, torrent

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