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We humbly present to you the sum of another major iteration of the OPNsense firewall. Over the second half of 2017 well over 500 changes have made it into this first release candidate. Most notably, the firewall NAT rules have been reworked to be more flexible and usable via plugins, which is going to pave the way for subsequent API works on the core firewall functionality. For more details please find the attached list of changes below. Meltdown and Spectre patches are currently being worked on in FreeBSD, but there is no reliable timeline. We will keep you up to date through the usual channels as more news become available. Here is the full list of changes against version 17.7.11: disabled AHCI MSI to prevent early mount failures with removable media; use correct crypto library to gather GUI SSL ciphers; added 'save and go back' button to user edit page....

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Теги: 2018, bz2, iso, opnsense, opnsense-18.1.r1, opnsense-18.1.r1-openssl-dvd-amd64

Tunnelbroker IPV6


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netassist Tunnelbroker IPV6


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