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"We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS Linux 6.10 and install media for i386 and x86_64 architectures. There are various changes in this release, compared with the past CentOS Linux 6 releases, and we highly recommend everyone study the upstream Release Notes as well as the upstream Technical Notes about the changes and how they might impact your installation. All updates since the upstream 6.10 release are also on the CentOS mirrors as zero day updates. When installing CentOS-6.10 (or any other version) from any of our media, you should always run 'yum update' after the install to apply these. Users consuming our CentOS-CR repositories will already be running most of the packages that make up CentOS 6.10 and all updates released since."

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Теги: 2018, centos, centos-6.10, centos-6.10-x86.64-livedvd, linux, torrent

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