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Nitrux is a desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, with an innovative desktop called "Nomad". Nomad attempts to extends KDE's Plasma with a special blend of aesthetics and functionality. The distribution's developers have addressed many of the issues reported in early reviews and believe it is now a much more mature, stable and polished product. The latest version is Nitrux 1.0.15, released late last week: "We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.0.15. This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements and ready-to-use hardware support. Nitrux 1.0.15 presents an updated hardware stack, among other things. The recently included Linux kernel 4.18.5, as well as an updated graphics stack, adds support for newer computers and hardware in Nitrux. In addition, new patches for system vulnerabilities are included in this release, so you can rest assured that you are using the most secure version of Nitrux. What's new: updated packages from Ubuntu 'Cosmic'; updated Plasma 5 (5.13.4), KDE Applications (18.08), KF5 (5.50.0) and Qt (5.11.1); updated Kvantum to version 0.10.9; added Mesa (18.1.5) drivers for Vulkan, VDPAU and support for VP-API...."

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Теги: 2018, iso, kernel.4.18.5, linux, nitrux, nitrux.1.0.15, nitrux.release.1.0.15-1, torrent, ubuntu

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