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Lucas Villa Real has announced the availability of the first beta snapshot of GoboLinux 017, an independently-developed Linux distribution whose most interesting feature is the complete rewrite of the UNIX filesystem hierarchy. The new release upgrades numerous base packages, while it continues to use the Awesome window manager as the preferred graphical user interface: "This is the second preview of GoboLinux 017. It updates several system packages and features the following improvements over 017 alpha: a new model for recipe management based on Git - users can now submit pull requests on GitHub or use the revamped ContributeRecipe tool to automate that process; recipes contributed that way are made available to other users as soon as PRs are approved and the Compile tool is fully aware of that new workflow; migration of AbsTk (our widget toolkit) to Qt 5 - we have a graphical installer again; removal of FiboSandbox, as we have been depending on UnionSandbox for a long time; massive simplification of Scripts and Compile along with assorted bug fixes."

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