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After a 5-year hiatus, the Finnix distribution has come to life once more with a release of version 120. Finnix is a Debian-based live Linux CD made for system administrators and designed to manipulate hard drives and partitions, monitor networks, and rebuild boot records. The new version is the project's first release for the x86_64 architecture: "Finnix 120 released. That's right: after a 5-year hiatus, Finnix - the live CD for system administrators and the oldest live CD in production - is back to celebrate its 20-year anniversary in 2020 with Finnix 120. Finnix 120 is a complete overhaul, with a number of major changes (as well as too many minor changes to enumerate): Finnix 120 is now a native 64-bit amd64 userland and kernel system; both BIOS and UEFI booting are now available, with Secure Boot; hundreds of new utility packages have been added; automatic setup attempts of complex block device layouts have been removed in favor of management via udisksctl with tab-completion; other legacy features and boot modes have been discontinued or are no longer supported, in favor of core USB/CD booting...."

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Теги: 2020, debian-based, finnix, finnix-120, iso, linux, torrent

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