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Linux Lite 5.0
The new version improves UEFI support and swaps out the old firewall utility for FireWallD. The project's release announcement offers further information: "Linux Lite 5.0 final, code name 'Emerald', is now available for download and installation. This is the most feature-rich, complete Linux Lite release to-date. UEFI is now supported out of the box. It is recommended that you disable Secure Boot even though it will work, it's just a huge hassle to have it enabled. See the new inbuilt Help Manual for ways to do this on the Start page. No hidden telemetry: Integrity Check during live boot (an Ubuntu implementation) Crtl+C cancels check. GUFW has been replaced by the highly configurable FireWallD (disabled by default). Please read the full guide in the Help Manual under Tutorials. New Updater notifier: Enabled by default to check for updates twice per day, and only notify when there are updates. To disable, Menu Settings, Session and Startup, Application Autostart tab, untick Package Update Indicator. Latest WhiskerMenu with new default sort (Install Updates is now at the top of Favorites)."

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Хэш (md5): 6c0dcd3d2e0f7a1033c4ab47ac0fb718
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Теги: 2020, linux, linux.lite, linux.lite.5.0

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