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GhostBSD, a desktop operating system based on the development branch of FreeBSD has published a new version. The project now includes the option to automatically take filesystem snapshots (called boot environments) prior to performing package updates. This allows the administrator to recover in situations where package upgrades break the operating system or prevent it from booting. "I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.08.04. This release comes with kernel, OS and software application updates. We updated the MATE desktop to 1.24.0. A new interesting feature is the boot environment backup before updates. Issue and Feature completed: Adding window to confirm changes to software on the system software-station. Change the release and dev version to yy.mm.dd. When upgrading, ask / help new user create a Boot Environment if one does not exist. Software Station: Columns should be resizeable. Disable user's ability to select 'check' button when the software is installing/uninstalling."

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