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Mageia is a community fork of the now-discontinued Mandriva distribution. The Mageia distribution provides a general purpose operating system with a focus on easy to use, pre-configured desktop environments. The project's latest release is Mageia 8 which improves boot time performance, mostly removes dependencies on Python 2, and package management information is now compressed using Zstd to make updating parsing package data faster. "Faster package metadata parsing Urpmi metadata are compressed with Zstd instead of xz, resulting in faster parsing. Python 2 is mostly dead Most python2 modules and software were removed. The ARM (Advanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) Machine) port rebooted during Mageia 7 days has been enhanced. The core is available for ARMv7 and AArch64. There is no traditional installer for now, and it is still considered experimental, but most of the distribution was built successfully on both architectures (see our ARM status overview for details). The plan is to provide installation images for popular ARM devices in the coming months. There is no ETA for those as of Mageia 8's release. Drakboot is now somewhat able to set up UEFI on AArch64."

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