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The Parrot team have announced a new version, 4.11, of the distributions Home and Security editions. Parrot is based on Debian's "Testing" branch and features a wide range of updates, particularly to the kernel. "Linux 5.10 is the default kernel of this new Parrot version, with better hardware support for very recent hardware. We plan to release Linux 5.11 as soon as possible as a later update. We have finally purged many old, broken and unmaintained tools, and revisited many of the existing ones. Our tool metapackages were revisited as well to reflect this little revolution. Parrot 4.11 provides cleaner metapackages, updated tools and a more consistent repository. Previous Parrot versions used to have un-needed services shut down by default, but such services happened to re-enable randomly after system updates. We have enforced some systemd rules to prevent this happening."

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