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GhostBSD 21.04.27
This release updates the base system to FreeBSD 13.0: "I am happy to announce the availability of the new ISO image, 21.04.27. When we started to port all the GhostBSD code from 12.2-STABLE to 13.0-STABLE, several problems arose with OpenRC, devd and drivers not loading at boot. We discovered that OpenRC devd and devmatch services implementations were not working properly. We had to create rc.devmatch to replace the OpenRC service implementation of devmatch.conf for devd. With devmatch now starting properly, all drivers get loaded at boot and when a new device is inserted. In addition, we were able to remove all changes we made in the GENERIC kernel, making the default kernel a bit smaller. I fixed ntpd and WireGuard services. Automatic configuration for network cards has been removed from NetworkMgr and added to the script started by devd."

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Теги: 2021, freebsd.13.0, ghostbsd, ghostbsd.21.04.27, iso, torrent

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