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Emmabuntues is a lightweight, Debian-based distribution featuring the Xfce and LXQt desktop environments. The project's latest development snapshot is based on Debian's Testing "Bullseye" branch. "This update of our new distribution takes up the basis of Emmabuntues DE3 under Debian 11 Bullseye, and its latest changes concerning the removal of proprietary software in favor of free alternatives, like DWService replacing Teamviewer, Jami replacing Skype and the complete deletion of Adobe Flash. This version exhibits the new Ice graphic theme created by Juliette Taka, the graphic artist who realized numerous wallpapers for Debian, as well as a renovated logo, which new look was designed by Jean-Claude aka JCZ, who was also part of the Debian wallpapers projects. We want to warmly thank them here, for their outstanding graphic contribution to the Emmabunt?s DE4 distribution, and concerning both the dark and light themes. In order to learn more about them, we conducted two interviews with them wehre they talk about their commitment to free software, and that you can access on our blog, look after Juliette, and Jean-Claude."

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 2021-06-29 1
 2021-06 1
Теги: 2021, debian-based, emmabunt.s.de4.rc1, emmabuntus, emmabuntus-de4-amd64-11.0-rc1, linux, torrent

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