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The Q4OS project produces a Debian-based distribution which is available in KDE Plasma and Trinity desktop flavours. The project's latest release is Q4OS 4.7 which is based on Debian 11 "Bullseye" and which features an update to the Trinity Desktop Environment. The release announcement reads: "A significant update to the fourth Q4OS stable series codenamed 'Gemini' has been released. This upgrade includes set of security and bug fixes, receives the most recent Debian Bullseye 11.1. as well as Trinity desktop environment R14.0.11 stable versions. Trinity desktop maintenance release of the R14 series is intended to bring bug fixes, while preserving overall stability. You can find the complete Trinity desktop release notes and new features list at the Trinity desktop environment website. We are currently pushing all the changes mentioned above into the Q4OS repositories, automatic update process will take care about to update computers for current users."

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Теги: 2021, iso, linux, q4os, q4os.4.7, torrent

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