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IPFire 2.27 Core 162.

IPFire is a lightweight Linux distribution for firewalls, routers, and other security-sensitive appliances. The developers have released a new version, IPFire 2.27 Core Update 162 which will be the last version to support 32-bit x86 machines. "Once a few releases after upgrading to Linux 5.10, we have now rebased the IPFire kernel on Linux 5.15. Due to dropping or upstreaming our patchset this was a lot easier than the previous step to 5.10. The new kernel is long-term supported by the Linux kernel developers and comes with various new drivers and performance improvements. Noteworthy are various performance improvements on 'zero copy' for increased throughput and lower latency; Core Scheduling (for safer Hyperthreading), and a new drivers for NTFS. We have continued our work to take advantage of improvements in the kernel that help to decrease CPU usage when forwarding large numbers of packets. In certain environments, this enables IPFire to significantly more throughput and lower latency since more CPU resources are available when needed. This is the last release supporting 32-bit Intel-compatible processors - in our case i586 and older. Having announced this plan a year ago, the time has finally come."

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Хэш (md5): dcf4916eecb9f93defdd5c05e5479aa2
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Теги: 2021, ipfire.2.27, iso, linux, torrent

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