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Linux Mint 5 "LMDE"

The new release is based on Debian 11 and uses the Cinnamon desktop: "The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 5 'Elsie'." The release announcement contains a brief introduction to LMDE, while the release notes provide a list of known issues: "To launch the installer in expert mode, run the following command: sudo live-installer-expert-mode. To install LMDE on an existing LVM partition you must first remove it from the LVM volumes and groups to which it belongs. In manual partitioning mode, note that the installer will auto-mount all swap partitions. These partitions will also be placed in /etc/fstab in the installed system. The LMDE ISO images and the live installer use a different structure than the ones used by other distributions. Do not use Yumi or multi-boot technologies with LMDE as it won't install properly. The root account is locked by default. To use the recovery console (from the Grub menu) or log in as root, you first need to give root a new password: sudo passwd root."

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Теги: 2022, iso, linux, lmde-5-cinnamon, torrent

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