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The GhostBSD project has published an update to their FreeBSD-based, rolling release desktop system. The project's new snapshot fixes a number of issues and removes an unmaintained package from the default install. "This new ISO image contains fixes, improvements and software updates. Finally, the installer hanging at the cleaning stage for ZFS installation got fixed and OpenRC and dhcpcd were removed from the base code. Furthermore, automation configuration for HD 7000 series and older GPUs has been added. I also added the support for os-release to show GhostBSD name and GhostBSD version in applications like mate-system-monitor, Python distros, pfetch and neofetch and added a new set of wallpapers for 2022 and removed p7zip from the default selection since it is vulnerable and unmaintained. Changelog: remove OpenRC-related code from base and contrib; remove OpenRC services from libexec/rc; remove dhcpcd from contrib; remove rc_system from loader; build VLC package with UPNP option; customize /etc/os-release; add GhostBSD to uname output so pfetch/neofetch can display correct OS info; initgfx for the automatic configuration of the graphics hardware...."

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