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The Ubuntu Budgie team have announced the release of Ubuntu Budgie 22.10 which offers nine months of supports. The new version includes Linux 5.19, software from GNOME 43, and the PipeWire sound software. We are pleased to announce the 22.10 release. This is a standard release supported for nine months, packed full of all sorts of new capabilities. The new release has many new core updates as well as a bleeding-edge version of Budgie itself the Linux kernel 5.19 GNOME 43 stack with Mutter 11 PipeWire for everything audio related - this replaces PulseAudio the Budgie desktop is 10.6.4, plus a whole suite of extra capabilities pending the 10.7 release due in the next few months an overhaul of our default applications. New features and enhancements new upstream budgie-menu traditional layout with places, control center and settings access buttons sharing capabilities in BCC have been revamped fractional scaling support has been enhanced lots of Wacom support updates made in BCC color profile support in BCC reworked BCC displays show the monitor refresh rate....

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