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Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux distribution for system administrators, based on Debian. The project has published version 125 which attempts to offer more flexible package management through a combination of Debian s Testing and Unstable repositories. Today marks the release of Finnix 125, the original utility live Linux distribution. Finnix 125 includes a number of fixes, new packages and new features Linux kernel 6.1 Debian package 6.1.0-6 . New packages 2048, aespipe, iperf3, ncdu, netcat-traditional, ninvaders, vitetris. Note that netcat-openbsd continues to be included and is the default nc. apt update will now download both testing and unstable indices, to allow for installing packages which may currently be hinted out of Testing. Apt pinning is configured so Testing will continue to be preferred to Unstable, however. Updated to memtest86+ 6.10, which now includes a UEFI version which is included in the Utilities boot sub-menu when booting on a UEFI system. Note that this is not signed and will not work with Secure Boot. 7z will invoke the installed 7zr program, unless the user explicitly installs p7zip-full .

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Теги: 2023, based.on.debian, finnix, finnix.125, iso, linux, torrent

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