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Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Ubuntu s long-term support LTS release and featuring the Xfce desktop. The project has published an update to its 6.x series which improves packaging compression for custom software, offer a new reporting tool to diagnose problems, and updates the layout for the Thunderbird e-mail client. Linux Lite 6.4 Final is now available for download and installation. Building upon the release of 6.2, we have added a number if new changes. Changes our in-house applications are starting to be repackaged using ZSTD compression for significantly faster decompression speeds and higher compression rates example - Lite Themes, old compressed package 91.2MB, Lite Themes, new compressed package, 76.8MB, this will benefit machines from a wider range of ages great for slower computers when installing updates, lightning fast updates for modern machines added systemd report to Lite System Report - this addition will help a wide range of people in regards to diagnosing a variety of booting and general system inquiries our amazing support team on the forums will also find this very helpful.

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 2023-04 1
Теги: 2023, iso, linux, linux-lite, linux-lite-6.4, torrent

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