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Tiny Core Linux 14.0

Tiny Core Linux is a minimal Linux distribution which runs from memory. The Tiny Core Linux project has released a new version, 14.0, which is available in three editions: Core (for a command line only experience), TinyCore (which provides a minimal graphical environment), and CorePlus (which provides a wider range of desktop software). The release announcement reads: "Changelog for 14.0: kernel updated to 6.1.2; glibc updated to 2.36; gcc updated to 12.2.0; binutils updated to 2.39; e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.46.5; util-linux base libs/apps updated to 2.38.1; busybox updated to 1.36.0; tce: allow script to exit normally without stdout from bdantas; autologin: Remove unneeded lines from nick65go; filetool.sh: having colors from alphons; rebuildfstab: remove relatime, it has been the default since 2.6.30; rebuildfstab: small speed optimization; rebuildfstab: reorder for findutils find warning; tce-load: add to install if extension is downloaded from aswjh; provides.sh: backup path patch from CNK; depends-on.sh: various from rarost, bdantas; select: dynamic sizing: from nick65go; rebuildfstab: rewrite: from Rich; rebuildfstab: remove the tmp file just in case; rebuildfstab: replaced "/mnt/$DEVNAME" with "$MOUNTPOINT": from Rich; tc-functions: alias in useBusybox: from bdantas; rm etc/init.d/busybox-aliases; tce-update: add option to skip dependency check: from GNUser; add update-everything: from bdantas; update-everything: better names for variables and functions: from bdantas."

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Размер: 23552.00kb (23.00M)
Хэш (md5): 27c753904b5afe3756ccc91bf032601b
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Загрузок: 2
 2023-09-05 1
 2023-05-24 1
 2023-09 1
 2023-05 1
Теги: 2023, iso, linux, tiny.core.linux, tiny.core.linux.14.0

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