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Mageia 9

Mageia is a general purpose, independent desktop distribution from the Mandriva family of projects. The project's latest release is version 9 which includes improves to the installer, package management, and minimal install size of the distribution. "Smaller disk footprint - the size of the minimal install (when disabling the recommended packages) has been reduced, it's the smallest since Mageia 4; the RPM database has switched to SQLite - the RPM database no longer uses the old and unmaintained Berkeley DB, it now uses the modern SQLite, conversion is performed during upgrade from Mageia 8; NFS support is done using system tools rather than our 15 years old forked NFS code, thus gaining support for NFSv4 and co; when using an HTTP server, it's now possible to specify a port different than the default 80; the stage1 images are compressed with zstd instead of gzip; lots of bug fixes and improvements in the partitioner; add 'downloader=curl' in order to switch from wget to curl for downloading packages; the rescue system has been enhanced; live ISO image - the NetworkManager system service is now enabled by default on the Plasma live ISO image (this was already done for the GNOME and Xfce live ISO iimages in previous releases) - this allows network connections to be managed via the Plasma system settings tool as well as by the traditional Mageia network management tools."

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Теги: 2023, iso, linux, mageia, mageia.9

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