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Manjaro Linux 23.0

The new version brings GNOME 44, KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS and Xfce 4.18, together with a cutting-edge Linux kernel, version 6.5: "Manjaro 23.0 'Uranos' released. The GNOME edition has received several updates to GNOME 44 series. This includes a lot of fixes and polish when GNOME 44 originally was released in March 2023. GNOME's file chooser dialogs have only ever had a list view, which is great when you want to pick a file based on its name, but isn’t so good when picking files based on their thumbnails. Over the years, GNOME users have therefore repeatedly requested that a grid view be added to the file chooser. This has been one of the most positively received changes in our history, so we are confident that people will like it added in this release cycle. The Plasma edition comes with the latest Plasma 5.27 LTS series and KDE Gear 23.08. It brings exciting new improvements to your desktop."

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Теги: 2023, iso, linux, manjaro-xfce, manjaro.linux, manjaro.linux.23.0, torrent

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