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The Linux Mint team maintains two key branches of its distribution. Mint's main edition is based on Ubuntu while a second branch, Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE), is based on Debian 'Stable'. The Linux Mint team has published a new development snapshot of LMDE. "LMDE is a Linux Mint project which stands for 'Linux Mint Debian Edition'. Its goal is to ensure Linux Mint would be able to continue to deliver the same user experience, and how much work would be involved, if Ubuntu was ever to disappear. LMDE is also one of our development targets, to guarantee the software we develop is compatible outside of Ubuntu. LMDE aims to be as similar as possible to Linux Mint, but without using Ubuntu. The package base is provided by Debian instead. Tips: in the live session, the username is 'mint' and the password is empty (i.e. just press Enter if asked for a password); if your screen resolution is too low, some windows might not fit in the screen; while pressing the ALT key, you can grab any part of a window with the mouse and move it across the screen; to guarantee compatibility with non-PAE processors, the 32-bit versions of Linux Mint Debian come with a 686 non-PAE kernel by default."

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