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NetBSD 10.0 RC2

NetBSD is a highly portable operating system which offers a minimal and clean design. The project has published its second (and probably final) release candidate for NetBSD 10.0. Among the enhancements in this snapshot are cyptographic updates and an experimental implementation of WireGuard. "Compatibility with WireGuard: A new interface, wg(4), provides a VPN tunnel compatible with the WireGuard specification. The driver is experimental and needs more testing. A userspace implementation using a rump kernel server is also included, see wg-userspace(4)/ The NetBSD implementation works with WireGuard implementations used by commercial VPN providers, Android, Linux, and more. Stronger, faster cryptography: Added an implementation of the Adiantum cipher for efficient disk encryption with cgd(4) on systems without AES acceleration. Added support for shared keys to cgdconfig(8), allowing multiple derived subkeys to be used across multiple drives. Switched the default password hashing algorithm to Argon2id, winner of the Password Hashing Competition. The algorithm's hardness automatically scales with system performance. Added support for Argon2id to cgdconfig(8) for use in password-based disk encryption. The kernel now takes advantage of CPU acceleration and vectorization for common cryptographic algorithms on x86 and Arm, including AES and ChaCha. All in-kernel implementations of AES are now constant-time on all architectures. Swap encryption is now automatic using the vm.swap_encrypt=1 sysctl(8) variable."

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