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Solus is an independent Linux distribution featuring the eopkg package manager and the flagship edition runs the Budgie desktop environment. The latest release of Solus, version 4.5, introduces a new desktop spin for Xfce (which is considered to be in beta status) and switches to the Calamares system installer to get the system up and running. "The Solus team is proud to announce the release of Solus 4.5 Resilience. This release brings updated applications and kernels, refreshed software stacks, a new installer, and a new ISO edition featuring the Xfce desktop environment. With Solus 4.5 comes a new installation experience using the Calamares installer. This enables easier installation using filesystems like BTRFS, specifying your own partition layout right in the installer, and it’s a major step in migrating away from Python 2, which the old os-installer was written in. A ton of work has gone into the new installation experience, and we are glad to finally release it to everyone!"

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