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Gnoppix 24.1.15

Gnoppix is a Debian and Kali Linux-based distribution which can be run from a DVD, USB thumb drive or from a local drive. The project's latest release, Gnoppix 24.1.15, focuses on polishignthe Xfce desktop experience and making Tor networking more accessible. "Our Xfce edition features a traditional desktop layout with a bottom panel and Whiskermenu as the application menu. It is using the Qogir GTK theme (vinceliuice) with the Papirus icon theme for a sleek and modern look. Blueman comes installed for all of your Bluetooth needs. The impementation of the Gnoppix AI installer is completed too, you’ll be able install hundrets of AI tools with the 1-click option. This edition has taken a lot of work, and we are excited to share it with you all! To earn its privacy credentials the distro routes all Internet-bound traffic through the Tor anonymous network. Earlier, the distro used a launcher script to fetch the latest Tor release from the Internet, but now bundles it by default."

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Размер: 3801088.00kb (3712.00M)
Хэш (md5): d69175025e5d5ed1c82a78480813e435
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Теги: 2024, gnoppix, gnoppix.24.1.15, iso, linux

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